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Sep. 24, 2023 @


Ominous Portents
Aug. 03, 2021 in World

The news reports about the ever escalating conflicts in the Middle East are staggeringly frightening! The land of Israel is surrounded by enemies that are bent on the total destruction of the land of Israel and its people. Even if you don't believe in the biblical prophesys about the Israeli people, you have to admit that the current state of affairs is having and will have global impact on us all. I don't promote religion which is man made, but I do promote the Word of God and biblical prophesy. All you have to do is open your eyes to see the implications of the ongoing conflicts. Russia and China are main players in this real life game of Thrones and I fear that we will be drawn into the midst of the carnage even more than we already are. There is no single solution here.


On Aug. 09, 2021 Susan wrote:
You're right; the only possible single solution would be the intervention of our Creator. Will that happen? We will have to wait and see. I believe that Israel will win the day with Gods help.

On Aug. 09, 2021 Admin wrote:
The struggle of the Israeli people to maintain and protect their homeland is hampered by the fact that they have turned away from their God who promised to care for and protect them. They're not abiding by the commandments that the creator laid down for them. I truly fear that the escalations will continue until one of the maniacal players in this real game of thrones will start a nuclear war to end all wars.

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