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Sep. 04, 2020 in General by admin

Isn't it funny how people seem inclined to believe almost anything they hear or see on the web? It's amazing how gullible some people are. Apparently confirming facts or information is not a concern; it should be!

The web has become a place where fantasy can seem like reality and you must be careful to do your best to distinguish between the two. Sometimes it's easy but most of the time it's very hard.

So what's the answer? Use common sense! Become a detective and try to confirm what you see and hear on the web; don't take everything at face value. Wikipedias are a good and mostly reliable source of information. Also make sure that a variety of Search Engines become your friends!


On Oct. 25, 2020 Frankie commented:
Quite funny indeed but mostly tragic. Millions of people are duped by "the wolves of the internet." It's a vast wasteland of thieves and robbers who think nothing of deceiving you into falling for their latest scheme.

On Oct. 26, 2020 Fred commented:
You are right about people just believing what they hear without any thought to the veracity of what they just heard. Even though some of the stuff they hear couldn't possibly be true, they will believe it just because of who said it.

On Dec. 26, 2020 Frankie commented:
At the forefront of what you just said Fred is the multitude of "Trumpeters" who go about their daily lives with no regard of the truth at all. It seems that their only "truth" is what comes out of the current president's mouth. What a horrible thought that these people can so easily be duped.

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