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Wars and Rumors of Wars

The days of peace and prosperity are gone my friends. Every media outlet on the planet almost, is relating the tragedy that is taking place in Ukraine. People cannot even escape without being bombed and killed. Putin has turned out to be a man without compassion; a man who thinks nothing of killing innocent civilians and has vowed to level every city in Ukraine. And this is only the beginning my friends; it heralds what is yet to come. The great war is upon us whether we will it or not.

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Random Picture & Quote

My importance to the world is relatively small. On the other hand, my importance to myself is tremendous. I am all I have to work with, to play with, to suffer and to enjoy. It is not the eyes of others that I am wary of, but of my own. I do not intend to let myself down more than I can possibly help, and I find that the fewer illusions I have about myself or the world around me, the better company I am for myself.

Author: Noel Coward

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